Yesterday, Roku threw down the gauntlet at tech giant Google by unveiling its own streaming stick, aptly named the Roku Streaming Stick (available in April).

The old Roku 3 box costs twice as much as the new stick, which will set you back only $50. The slimmed down version fits neatly into your HDMI slot, like a Google Chromecast.

The differences between the two, many have pointed out, are small but stark. Roku has a remote; Chromecast, you have to control everything from your computer/tablet/phone. Roku also supports more apps than Google's stick, which excels at the basics like Neflix, Hulu Plus, and HBO Go. But the Chromecast is $15 cheaper than Roku's stick, which comes with a $35 price tag.

I personally can't live without my Chromecast (or not for long anyway), but I'll look forward to seeing how different Roku's stick really is when it drops in April.

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