Stepping up your style should never mean breaking the bank. Trust us: There's no need to drop hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars on another watch, especially when most guys are wearing their watch more for show than functionality. These days, few companies produce high-quality watches that people can actually afford like Swatch—and now the brand has launched a new offering that solves that problem in a big, yet thin, way.

On Thursday, Swatch launched one of its biggest lines in recent memory with the new Swatch SKIN collection, which introduces 11 minimalist styles that perfectly integrate into any stylish wardrobe as your second watch. (Get it? Swatch, as in second watch.) The new Swatch SKIN line maxes out at around $150, but packs the quality Swiss timekeeping of much higher-priced models.

So why the SKIN? It’s obviously thinner than just about any other watch out there, which certainly helps to make it lighter. Available in cleaner styles, they allow you to get creative and add an exciting new element to your style game. And if you don't want to bother with high-tech fitness trackers, the Swatch SKIN is at home in the gym.
Here, we've picked five of our favorite men's watches from the new Swatch SKIN collection, available on