Training for a triathlon is daunting in and of itself—and that's before you realize all the gear you need for the months of training leading up to race day and, oh yeah, race day too.

What's the best type of wetsuit for your tri and does the climate/water temperature differ between where you're training and competing? (Short answer: yes.) What are the most effective gadgets and accessories to keep your workouts on track so you're constantly improving but not overtraining? What clothing will keep you most comfortable transitioning from swim to bike to run? And how do you even begin to find the right bike?

Don't sweat it. Save that for your workouts instead. We've compiled everything you need, regardless of whether you're training for your first tri or your tenth. 

The Must Haves: These are the essentials you'll need regardless of distance and destination. Note: You won't need all of these items. For example, if you're swimming in cold water, you'll wear just a full wetsuit; if you're swimming in warm water, you'll wear a swimskin—not both. Keep an eye out for our notes throughout! (They begin on slide 2 with the Speedo Elastomeric Solid Silicone.)

The Extras: These are the products you only need for long-distance triathlons or if you’re prone to muscle cramping and joint pain, and any exercise-related discomfort. (They begin on slide 25 with Muscle Cramp Pre-Treat: HOTSHOT.)