Guys can’t spend all of our time transforming our bodies into replicas of Greek gods. We also need downtime to relax and recharge. And for those of us who love to search for fish, there’s nothing like some time on the water to unwind.

But this year, don’t just dust off your grandpa’s old tackle box and toss on a pair of black rubber boots and buffalo plaid wool shirt when you get the itch to head out to the nearest body of water, add these latest and greatest angling selections guaranteed to make your time fishing a comfortable and relaxed occasion.

Whether you’re looking for lightweight sun protection, sturdy gear to stay dry, or top-notch tackle to haul in the next leviathan from the deep, our holiday guide for the fishing fanatic covers what you (or the person on your list) will need to make your next excursion not just a fishing trip, but a catching trip.