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Tough Mudder

If you find yourself participating in a Tough Mudder event, be sure not to call it a "race" around the officials. This military-style obstacle course was designed by special forces soldiers and represents a personal challenge. Sure, they declare winners and they keep track of your time, but it's all in an effort to encourage people to push themselves. The events are longer than some of the other of their kind, often including thousands of feet of climbing and descending over the course of 10-12 miles. The obstacles are where the real fun comes in, though. Greased monkey bars, full-on blasts from fire hoses, hikes up steep grades while carrying a log, and a run through a gauntlet of live electrical wires are all part of the experience. Oh, and then there's the mud. If you cross the finish line, officials will hand you an orange headband and a beer. It's one of the fastest growing events in the country, so sign up early if you want to get a spot in the one closest to you. Oh, and throw a couple extra towels in your car for the drive home. Get more information at Go back to the Southwest Adventure Race Guide >> Go back to the map >> [pagebreak]

The Original Mud Run

Dallas Fort Worth and Houston Texas Lots of obstacle races are inspired by military training, but this series takes that attitude one step further. There's a DGAP division, which allows anyone to do the run to challenge themselves, but if you want to "win" you're going to have to get militant. Competitive athletes need to wear "boots and utter" which means you have to do the race in boots as well as utility pants like those found in the armed forces. You work in teams for 2-5, but all members of the team have to cross the line within 15-seconds of one another. The course itself is made up of a whole heap of obstacles, many of which are kept secret until the day of the race. There's a huge emphasis on team work, especially in the competitive division, so there's extra motivation to train hard. You don't want to be the slow guy on your team right? Didn't think so. Get more information at Go back to the Southwest Adventure Race Guide >> Go back to the map >> [pagebreak]

Mad Mud Run

Las Vegas, NV, Sedona, and Phoenix, AZ If you're looking for something that takes just a couple hours to complete and you're more into punishment than navigation, these shorter races might be just what you're looking for. They range from 3-5 miles and take only a couple hours to complete. But, because of the short length, the focus is on speed. There's a variety of military style obstacles that don't have cute names like those found in some other races. Some require team work, but they're all manageable by just about everyone. Even though they're set in dry climates, there's still plenty of mud to be had, which you'll likely be very glad to plop into if you're trying to get out of the hot, dry air. One of the most appealing parts is that you don't need any gear at all besides a pair of running shoes and some shorts. Anything less than that and you might run into some trouble. Get more information at Go back to the Southwest Adventure Race Guide >> Go back to the map >> [pagebreak]

Spartan Race

The actual length of each Spartan race varies depending on which location you pick to participate. But, they mostly hover in the 4-5 mile range which means they're meant do be done as an all-out sprint rather than a long, drawn-out slog. The Spartan organizers manage to pack a lot of pain into those few miles, though, relying on the element of surprise and not disclosing the course map before you run the race. If you enjoy the torture that the Spartan Race offers, they also provide increasing levels of difficulty that you can subject yourself to. Tougher events include the Super Spartan, the Spartan Beast and ultimately the Spartan Death Race, which is held in Vermont and might actually kill you. Don't forget to sign the waiver. Get more information at Go back to the Southwest Adventure Race Guide >> Go back to the map >> [pagebreak]

Tex's Challenge Adventure Race

May 12, 2012 Texas Tex's Challenge is a true adventure race in that it includes 3-4 miles of trail running, a half-hour of canoeing and 7-14 miles of mountain biking. But, because of the relatively short distances, it's only meant to take you roughly 2.5-hours to complete. Each team consists of two people who must stay together at all times. Of course, if you're the anti-social type, they'll also let you do the race alone. Inflatable canoes are provided to each competitor as part of the admission fee, which means everyone's on equal footing from a gear perspective once you get in the water. No sandbaggers with pricey boats to blow everyone out of the water. If the bug bites you while you're racing, this is also the first race of the year in the Texas State Championship Series races, so you can go on and keep challenging yourself in three more races throughout the year.  Get more information at Go back to the Southwest Adventure Race Guide >> Go back to the map >>