If you're making the most of summer by camping or hiking, being one with the wilderness, or setting out on an epic adventure travel vacation, odds are you’ll be spending it with a horde of mosquitoes, too.

And while the Zika virus pandemonium has subsided, the threat of insect-borne illness is still very real for fit guys. The best way to protect yourself? Mosquito control, according to research from the University of Miami.

To make the most of any outdoor adventure, take note of these effective mosquito repellents, suggested by Mike Merchant, Ph.D., an extension urban entomologist (a fancy term for the study of insects and how they affect people and their property).

Whether you’re looking for sprays to cover yourself or your yard, the most effective commercial repellent, or chemical-free natural alternatives, we’ve got all your bases covered. These options will keep your skin protected all season long.