Located near the world mountain-biking mecca of Moab, Canyonlands Park is a more thrilling (and less well-known) option, covering 500 square miles of spectacular stone pillars and arches, steep river-carved canyons, and jagged mesas.

MF Fantasy: Sign up for a guided bike tour. With so much possible scenery to cover, you'll never get it all in on your own. Companies like Austin-Lehman Adventures offer trips that take you through up to 40 miles of vibrant red, yellow, and orange landscape daily on both bike and the occasional hike—perfect for working up a sweat and scoping out the numerous ancient Native American rock carvings.

Bonus Tip: Experience Canyonlands from ridge to rapids with Tag-A-Long's Jump and Raft skydiving and whitewater rafting tour. Embark on this $225 adventure July - October for prime air and water temperatures.