The bicyclists are coming! The bicyclists are coming! The Minuteman Bikeway's level terrain is both scenic and historic — the trail closely approximates the route Paul Revere took on his famous ride in 1775, announcing the incursion by British forces. The 11-mile paved trail connecting Bedford to Cambridge passes through Lexington and Arlington, with plenty of open spaces — perfect for relaxing, playing ball and hiking along the way. The Alewife Brooke Reservation at the end of the bike path in Arlington boasts playing fields and bird watching, and in East Lexington is the 183-acre Great Meadows. Also adjacent to the bike path is Spy Pond, which has a boat ramp and picnic tables. Be forewarned that the Minuteman Bikeway can become crowded so try to keep your bike rage to a minimum and consider crowd-dodging an extra workout.