Admit it, the daily gridlock of the big city has really tamed your inner Paul Bunyan. Thankfully, just about 14 miles northwest of Atlanta, Georgia, lies 61.5 paved miles of scenic, woodsy bliss. The Silver Comet Trail begins in Smyrna, Georgia and runs all the way to the Alabama border where it meets the Chief Ladiga Trail.

Built over an abandoned rail line, the trail is relatively flat, with a few medium hills at mile marker 19.4 and 36 and steep hills near the end of the path at mile marker 45.8 and 51.4. So while you can brag to your coworkers on Monday about the scenic trip you took through Georgia's countryside that had you biking over rushing creeks, winding between rock cliffs and pedaling through railroad tunnels, you can leave out the fact that the trail is extremely user-friendly with plenty of access to rest stops and bathrooms. Frankie's Italian Restaurant near the Rockmart Trailhead at mile marker 37.6 caters to cyclists and next to Coot's Lake Trailhead at mile marker 33.5 is Coot's Lake Beach which has public swimming and a picnic area for a small entry fee.