Most of the time, hotel fitness centers are dismal, bare-bones affairs. And because hotel gym don’t turn over profits—unlike restaurants, meeting spaces, spas, and bars—they're usually doomed to languish with nothing but a saddleworn treadmill and a few rusting dumbbells.

Fortunately, there are some shining, glorious exceptions to that rule. At some hotels, it’s obvious that the management (and the guests) prize every square inch of fitness space. With next-level amenities, impressive facilities, and training offerings to rival any Equinox, these hotel gyms are fantasy fitness playgrounds that make any trip worth it. In fact, some are so kickass, locals pay a monthly membership to join in. The benefit? Total access to facilities, high-level training, and countless perks: free parking, discounted spa treatments, saunas, and (best of all) no crowds.

So whether you’re checking in as a guest or visiting as a local fitness junkie, check out these seven top-notch hotel gyms that defy expectations and will help push your workouts to the limit.