Remember the name Ray Williams.

A relative newcomer to the scene of powerlifting, the 6-foot, 361-pound Williams made waves when he squatted five reps of 800 pounds two years ago—and look at his progress. Just last month, the 26-year-old community college football coach in Fulton, Mississippi broke records by squatting 905 pounds, conquering the previous American mark at the Alabama State USAPL Championships in what was only his second powerlifting meet. Take a look and see for yourself what this rookie can do:

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Williams’ attitude towards competing in bodybuilding is somewhat childlike; he goes to the gym and has fun. Maybe he's on to something. In a recent interview with, he made it known he wants to conquer a new obstacle: setting the world record for most weight squatted at the USAPA Raw Nationals in October by demolishing the previous mark of 1,025 pounds. We'll stay tuned.