Not in the mood? It may have to do with your diet: Turns out, there are certain foods that can actually kill your sex drive. On the same token, there are other ingredients that can give your libido a lift. (Check out these 52 foods that can boost your penis health.) "By adding a few simple foods to your lifestyle, you can pump up your libido levels," says Professional Raw Food Chef Jason Wrobel.

Magnesium in raw cacao powder, for example, is awesome for blood flow, while the heart-healthy fats, vitamin B6, and potassium in avocado help boost hormone levels and provide more energy, says Wrobel, referring to foods in his chocolate avocado peanut pudding. Check out the recipe (on slide 2), plus two other libido-boosting recipes from Wrobel's new cookbook Eaternity.

Each of these libido-boosting recipes is also vegan—but still completely satisfying and delicious.