When you think of Sakara, you may remember the incredible protein donut recipe we brought to you from them last year. But, the plant-based eating meal delivery service has so much more to offer. And while they’ve always served up the healthy good stuff to both men and women, this month, they’re seriously focusing on you, dudes. 

Starting October 31, SakaraMAN includes five days of plant-based Sakara breakfasts, lunches, and dinners delivered to your doorstep—plus an additional Snack Pack of protein-packed snacks for a little extra plant-based power, at no additional cost. So, no need to worry about “feeling hungry.” 

“The benefits of eating a plant based diet (improved digestion, increased energy, better moods, younger-looking skin and a body that feels—and looks!—GOOD) are not just for women; men can experience the same amazing results from tapping into the powers of food as medicine, and throughout the month of November, we're celebrating these Sakara Men,” a Sakara spokesperson told us. 

In fact, research shows that—among the many benefits of eating a plant-based diet—is reducing your risk for diseases like prostate cancer and heart disease. So, a portion of the proceeds from SakaraMAN will go to men's health research and initiatives via the Movember Foundation

Sakara has a lot of men on the plan all the time—this is just an activation to increase that number and to benefit a great cause at the same time, Sakara told us. So, they’ll also be featuring a few of their dedicated dudes on their site throughout the month. 

Whether you want to get a head start on clean plant-based eating or want to sample a recipe or two before committing, here are eight recipes to whip up yourself, courtesy of Sakara.