Congratulations to BPI Sports - GNC's Brand of the Year! 

Key attributes for GNC's brand of the year award include top notch innovation, extremely competitive products, quality formulations, and top selling products.

Below is a list of all 2012 awards selected by GNC from


"It’s red carpet season and we’re joining in here at GNC. Every year we honor select vendors with the GNC Vendor awards. Typically these awards are given out at the Arnold Sports Festival, but this year we couldn’t wait any longer to announce the winners. Put on your best dress, take your seats, and get your acceptance speech ready. Drumroll please!

Rising Star Award
This is given annually to emerging brand that has demonstrated strong sales growth in a short time period. They fully support GNC customers in regards to favorable promotional activity and programs and show significant growth potential.

  • Sports Winner: MusclePharm
    MusclePharm is an outstanding vendor for GNC making many high quality products our customers love. They focus on products for active lifestyles and you can’t miss their packaging with the unmistakable green dominating their section in GNC.  Some of their popular products at GNC include Assault, Combat Powder, and Bullet Proof.

Outstanding Partnership
This award is given annually to vendor partners that consistently support current and new store programs. They deliver important meaningful sales to the category and add value to GNC from a brand standpoint and from a customer shopping experience perspective.

  • Sports Winner: Cellucor
    Cellucor is an extremely popular brand and make a variety of products that sports nutrition fans love. They have been a wonderful partner in 2012 and we look forward to a continued outstanding relationship with them in 2013. Just a few of the popular products from Cellucor at GNC include C4 Extreme, NO3 Chrome, and P6 Extreme.

Best Product Innovation
Several aspects make this award winner impressive given the requirement to outperform competitors. Those aspects include successfully bringing a product into a mature, competitive category. Other aspects include quickly establishing the product with effective marketing, sampling, and trial drivers and finally becoming a best-selling new product.

  • Sports Winner: Cellucor Super-HD
    Cellucor Super-HD was released to huge fanfare in 2012 and has been a steady hit since its initial launch. Super- HD is a high definition agent. It features iFAS503TM, which promotes energy & focus.
  • Wellness Winner: Anatabloc
    Anatabloc is an extremely popular and highly reviewed product. There are over 145 ratings of this product on with an average rating of 4.5 out of 5. Anatbloc is intended for anti-inflammatory support.

Best Protein Bar
In the ultra-competitive bar category, success requires ongoing, consistent sampling and grass roots efforts, both inside/outside of GNC stores. This brand sustains key programs such as consumer sampling, strong promotional activity, and employee sampling and engagement. Finally, the winner brings innovation and of course, offers tremendous taste along with healthy nutritional support.

  • Winner: Quest Bar
    With so many different types of bars on the market this is an extremely competitive category. Quest Bar features a wide variety of great tasting flavors with a clean nutritional profile. Some of their most popular flavors at GNC are Chocolate Brownie, Banana Nut Muffin, and Apple Pie.

Brand of the Year
Key attributes for our brand of the year award include top notch innovation, extremely competitive products, quality formulations, and top selling products.

  • Sports Winner: BPI  Sports
    BPI had an amazing year at GNC. Their product innovation and speed to market have been outstanding and helped boost them to high heights at GNC this year. Their popular products include STIM-ELITE, PUMP-HD, and BUILD-HD. They’ve also participated in customer giveaways, athlete appearances, store takeovers, and given away a lot of free samples to GNC customers. Finally they have been outstanding partners in every aspect of the business in 2012!"