In the U.S., St. Patrick's Day usually means lots of green beer and cheap whiskey, typically ad nauseum. (And, often, literally to the point of nausea.)

But let's say you're tired of serving up the same old swill—what then?

The answer: Step up your cocktail game with these inspired next-level mixes that capture the Irish spirit of the day—Irish whiskey, obviously—and combine it with some masterful add-ins. With complex flavors and clever flavor combinations, these are the ideal drinks for sipping and savoring without feeling the need to chug a 12-pack of Harp by yourself. (But if you do inevitably end up a little cobwebby the day after, here are 10 life-changing hangover helpers.)

Here are five of our favorite Irish whiskey cocktails, courtesy of some of New York City's best bartenders. Sláinte!