Light beers are like certain people you meet at bars—fun at first, but ultimately shallow and unfulfilling (they're also probably one of 5 types of women you don't want to have sex with). Dark, heavy beers, on the other hand, are more like everybody’s favorite party guy in college—packed with personality, but easy to get your fill of, fast.

Fortunately, there's a happy middle ground: “session” beers, with their moderate alcohol but still satisfying flavor, are like your longtime best buddy or the girl you end up marrying.

Sessions are typically a little higher-calorie than light beers—160 to 200 calories per serving—but they have an alcohol-by-volume (ABV) that’s generally under 5%, says Devaraj Southworth, CEO of alcohol-delivery app Thirstie. “They can be young or old, bitter or sweet, fruity or crisp,” he says, “but the thing that makes a session a session is its ability to keep you from getting too drunk too quickly.”

Here’s a six-pack of our favorites to get you started on session beers.