Whiskey is the manliest of spirits. You're the manliest of men.

It should come as no surprise, then, that you love nothing more than to sip on a good whiskey—whether it's served neat or in a cocktail, and whether you're enjoying it on a cool summer night or you're sitting next to a crackling fire in your mahogany leather armchair.

And on Saturday, May 20, you'll get another reason to drink your favorite tipple: World Whiskey Day.

This means you have every excuse, if not a moral imperative, to drink some whiskey in celebration.

So go ahead, embrace your inner-patrician and check out seven of the most refreshing and refined whiskey-based cocktails that you can actually enjoy mixing and drinking in the heat. And remember, you never really need an excuse to savor a fine glass of the manliest spirit out there.