A lot of people use the excuse that they want to live it up while they're young, but according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Americans aren't growing out of their hard partying ways. People over the age of 65 said that they binge drink more often than any other age group.

The latest survey by the CDC found that 17.1 percent of Americans admit that they are binge drinkers (which means men consume five or more drinks in one session, and women consume four or more drinks). The previous number, which had held steady for over 15 years, was 15 percent. Of the 458,000 people (18 years old and over) surveyed, people over 65 who binge drink said they did so 5.5 times per month—more than any other age group.

Not surprisingly, the percentage of people who said that they binge drink was highest (28.2 percent) in the 18-24 age group. That group also reported the highest number of drinks on average (9.3) during a binge drinking session.

Another interesting finding was that homes that had an annual income of $75,000 or higher were the most likely to binge drink. The regions that had the most binge drinkers were New England, Hawaii, the Midwest, Washington, D.C. and Alaska.