Whether you're celebrating a big end-of-the-year work bonus, hosting a holiday party, or just want to ring in the new year right, you're going to need a great bottle of champagne. But while it may seem pretty straight-forward (1. Go to store. 2. Buy champagne.) it's actually a little more complicated. Just because it's sparkly does not mean it's Champange. Champagne is actually from a region of France called Champagne. But, if you're drinking a bottle of bubbly from Italy, it's technically Prosecco and if it's from anywhere else, you should call it "sparkling wine." You can learn more about how they vary and what occasions are best for each type here. Once you know what you're in the market for, you're ready to shop. Click through this slideshow to find a bottle in your price range (prices* range from $14 to $250), with input from Cristina Pearce, Sr. Manager, Domestic Fine Wine Portfolio, Total Wine & More and Pierre-Yves C. Robin, Import Fine Wine Director, Total Wine & More.Oh, and you'll also need these five rules for giving the perfect toast. Cheers!*Prices may vary.