There are plenty of ways to stay warm as the temperature takes a nosedive come November. Sure, you could invest in one of these stylish fall sweaters or budget-friendly winter coats (and we still recommend that you do), but our favorite way to keep from freezing has less to do with what we're wearing and more to do with what's in our glass.

That's right, we're talking whisky. But not just any kind of whisky. No.

We're talking the smoky, sultry bottle of booze that is Scotch. Nothing has the power to warm your body and your spirit (the winter blues are a real thing, fellas) like a snifter of a good single malt, making it our spirit of choice to drink throughout the holidays and beyond.

Here are nine of the best Scotch whiskys to sip, savor, and help thaw that winter chill this season. Sláinte.