While weekends mean a break from work, they don't mean a break from working out. But there are always those things that set Saturday and Sunday apart from Monday through Friday, like letting somebody else blend your post-workout smoothie. Weekends are when we're up for a trip to Jamba Juice for a protein-packed, nutrient-dense recovery drink, and this Saturday there's even more reason to hit up the smoothie joint.

Jamba Juice and its partners have joined forces with Team Up for a Healthy America to help improve kids' health. On Saturday, Oct. 12, $1 for every smoothie purchased will be donated to Team Up to help buy athletic equipment for local participating schools. You can also make a $1 donation and receive a coupon booklet worth $10 in savings on Jamba products.

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Can't stop by over the weekend? No problem. You can still support the effort by visiting myhealthpledge.com every week and taking the free Team Up for a Healthy America health pledge.

You know how hard it is to transition to—and maintain—a robust lifestyle, so no doubt this is a great opportunity to help kids establish healthy habits early on.