Belly (or visceral) fat has been linked to a variety of health conditions including heart disease, stroke, and high blood pressure. And, let's face it, you're not exactly dying to take your shirt offto show it off at the beach or pool. But, it's true what they say: In order to slim down and trim body fat—particularly that stuff around your midsection—a well-balanced, healthy diet in conjunction with regular exercise is necessary.

However, studies have also found that including certain foods in your diet can help reduce belly fat. Yep, you can eat your way to a six-pack (so long as you're not also eating a bunch of crap on top of these good-for-you eats!)

Keep reading to find 10 of these foods and a delicious, healthy recipe for each. Because, we're not just going to leave you hanging wondering what the heck you should do with kimchi!