Passing gas is your body’s way of telling you that whatever you just ate wasn’t handled well in the gut and is about to be released in the form of—well, you know. Sure, it’s embarrassing; but it’s actually quite natural. “Most people pass gas on average 13-21 times per day,” says Ilyse Schapiro, R.D., and holding it in is painful and harmful to your health, per this study out of New Zealand.

That said, there are certain foods, like the diet staples listed here, that build up even more pressure in your gut—and can make gas worse. But don't worry if some of your favorite healthy foods are on this list: everyone differs in their reactions to certain foods. So, monitor what you consume and then give the surrounding air the old sniff test a few hours later. Fun (gross) fact: “The smell depends upon what you eatfoods like cauliflower, beans, cabbage, eggs, and meat can make the smell stronger," Schapiro says. "The sound depends upon the speed of the gas leaving your body, and how tight the sphincter muscles are."

If you’re a gassy guy, you can reduce the intensity of your farts by amping up your exercise, eating slower to take in less air, and ultimately avoiding (or limiting) the following 10 foods.