Beach weather and beach bodies are usually spoken in the same breath, but behind all the fitness chatter are barbecues and pool parties stocked with everyone's favorite summer treats. Margarita? Yes, please.

Nothing cools your jets quite like a minty fresh mojito, and no day at the beach is quite complete without a crisp bag of Cape Cod potato chips. Certain foods just make our summer days go 'round, but on the downside they can make our stomachs follow suit.

While you don't need to ditch your summer sweets alltogether, there are ways to incorporate them into your weekend activities without sabotaging all your months of hard work in the gym and in the kitchen. Take our expert's advice and go ahead—get that cookies 'n' cream cone. It's summer, you deserve it—just don't turn your treats into daily rituals and your abs will be alright. Read more about the right way to have a cheat day. Then, check out the mouthwatering foods on the following slides.