Snacking is kind of like packing peanuts. Most of us think of snack foods as pure dietary filler, so we mindlessly munch through single-serve "health foods" that do nothing to numb hunger. Only after a few hours and many Netflix episodes—and 10 "low-calorie" packs later—will our stomachs and brains register some semblance of fullness, and by then we might as well have just ordered a pizza.

But if you're strategic, your snacks can serve as nutritious mini-meals that support your physique and fitness goals, bolster your health, and keep you from making a mistake. Snack smart, and no longer will you have to worry about face-planting into a box of donut holes, emptying the office vending machine, or blowing your daily macronutrient count.

Here, we've selected 20 of our favorite packaged snacks that hover around 200 calories—enough to energize and refocus your mind, stabilize blood sugar, and keep your metabolism churning before your next meal. Stock up on these better-for-you eats.