Ah, tacos. The beloved Mexican street food can be enjoyed any time of the day or night (no, it does not need to be Tuesday)—whether you kick off your day with an eggy, protein-packed breakfast taco or a late-night beer-braised chicken taco—for a powerful punch of flavor and spice.

But like all great food, tacos are best enjoyed with someone you care about, making them the perfect meal to whip together for your girlfriend—or the girl you'd like to make your girlfriend. (And by the way, if she doesn't like tacos, take that as a sign she's not worth your time.)

These five recipes from MasterChef judge and award-winning chef Aarón Sánchez were inspired by the region of Arandas, Mexico (which just so happens to be where they produce popular tequilas like Cazadores), meaning they're going to taste delicious and pair perfectly with mixologist Manny Hinojosa's unique twist on a margarita.

Check out the five tasty taco recipes—and a margarita we guarantee you'll both love—you should make if you want to heat up your next date night.