Few things get dudes more fired up than a football game. And while we love cheering among the crowd (and howling at rival fans) as our favorite player celebrates an epic, game-winning touchdown, we also like to get fired up about food.

That's right, we're talking about the tailgate. And if you're the type of guy who takes serious pride in his tailgate spread, then you know exactly what we're talking about.

But whether you're a total rookie or a parking lot pro, you can always take this classic American pastime up a few notches—starting with these mouthwatering, make-ahead recipes.

Created by a slew of your favorite celebrity chefs to support the Taste of the NFL's Kick Hunger Challenge—an annual fundraising competition that encourages football fans (such as yourself) to raise more for their favorite NFL team's local food bank—these delicious dishes are prime examples of food that does good.

Here are five mouthwatering recipes you can easily make ahead (or fire up fresh on the grill) to give your next tailgate a big kick of flavor.