Rejoice, fellas: You needn’t banish your favorite bowl of gloppity goodness to cheat days, or—even more depressing—load your go-to sauce on some underwhelming pasta understudy (see: “whole wheat,” anything labeled “gluten-free”). Easy-to-make spiralized vegetables—whole veggies sliced into spaghetti-like threads—can turn the tuber or legume of your choice into a to-die-for Italian feast. 

Unlike flour-based pastas, noodles made of squash, beets, sweet potatoes, et al., are low in calories, high in smart carbs/fiber, superfilling (because of their water content), and won’t spike your blood sugar. 

Best of all, with the right sauce, they’re flat-out tasty as hell. Check out the 3 best (and worst) store-bought sauces and how to make veggie noodles that'll put your pasta to shame.