You know you can score plenty of protein just from plants. (At least that’s what people keep saying).

But have you ever seen a meat-free meal that you’d actually want to eat?

We asked five vegan athletes to share a few of their go-to recipes for when they need to refuel and repair damaged muscle. The roster:

  • Austin Aries, pro wrestler and author of the forthcoming Food Fight
  • Griff Whalen, wide receiver for the Baltimore Ravens
  • JJ Redick, guard for the Philadelphia 76ers
  • Tay Sweat, founder of The Vegan Trainer fitness and nutrition coaching service.
  • Torre Washington, professional bodybuilder

Whether you’re thinking about going full vegan or just trying to eat at least one meal a week free of meat, any of these recipes will keep you fueled, happy, and on track to getting totally cut.