The glory days for the humble grapefruit hit a high in 1976. The average American ate nearly 25 pounds of the fruit that year, NPR reports. Sure, they’re pretty hefty, but 25 pounds is a lot of grapefruit to consume in 365 days. Now, in 2015, how many pounds of the bitter fruit do you think people consumed? If you’re like the average American, it was only about five pounds. The likely reason? Grapefruit’s being outshined by newer, more-difficult-to-pronounce foods like amaranth and sorghum, kimchi and quinoa.

And it's not the only superfood in decline. There are plenty more tried-and-true superstars that are probably sitting forlorn in your kitchen and wasting away on grocery store shelves. Aside from grapefruit, we bring you 12 other forgotten superfoods that still deserve your affection and consumption. Plus, odds are you already love these foods—you just need a little reminder.