Salad's history has been less than glorious: At best, it’s been called a sad excuse for a side dish; at worst, a horrifying deception. (Really? Bacon, cheese chunks, and creamy Roquefort? Next time we’ll just order the damn burger.) But one thing it’s rarely been called is a decent, delicious guy’s meal in itself.

Finally, that’s all changing. Innovative salad slingers at places like Chopt Salad, Sweetgreen, et. al., are transforming the culinary afterthought into a bona fide leading man of a meal, filled with essential muscle-building proteins, nutritionally muscular veggies and grains, and even hot-braised meats that fill you up, get you strong, keep you lean (science says it works!), and make you feel better all over.

On these pages we present the six most-satisfying, best-tasting beasts in a bowl. Men, go wild.