We're not certain exactly when the humble burger stopped being defined as just a greasy stack of beef and cheese—or, as Los Angeles superchef Roy Choi calls it, “the head of the snake,” the snake being our historically awful American diet.

But we’re glad as hell it happened and that the better-burger trend is spreading: Colorado’s Larkburger chain turns out sustainably sourced tuna burgers; fresh-meat mecca Umami Burger uses black beans, turkey, and ahi tuna; Choi and partner Daniel Patterson just opened L.A.’s Locol, with its insanely delicious, wildly inventive veggie version; even Carl’s Jr., which gave the world the Tex-Mex Bacon Thickburger, now offers a low-cal turkey option.

So, mid-revolution, we sought out some of America’s best chefs to help us assemble the ultimate at-home burgers, each with fresh ingredients, low-fat protein, and a healthier bun. (Whether you add fries is up to you.)