It doesn't matter whether your dad is a rugged outdoorsman or gadget-loving techie. There's one thing that all guys (young or old) love pretty much universally: delicious food.

Still, treating Pops to a fancy meal—on top of that perfect gift you already bought him—can add up quickly. But with some help from chef Daniel Boulud, the Michelin-starred head chef of Daniel in New York City and world-renowned expert on creating delicious (and yes, fancy) food, you won't have to head out for a fancy meal. In fact, it can be even better, because you'll be cooking it for yourself—and for your dad.

These recipes—a flavor-packed cucumber soup, a tasty sea bass with spicy Romesco sauce, and a peppery peach dessert—will take a bit more time and effort to put together than throwing a few burgers on the grill. Boulud himself created the recipes, and the cucumber soup will be served up for Father's Day at db bistro moderne in the heart of the Broadway district. In the video below, Men's Fitness Senior Digital Editor Michael Rodio visits Boulud at db bistro moderne for a real-life tutorial on preparing the cucumber soup.

Trust us: These dishes will impress even the most refined palate. Plus, your dad is guaranteed to appreciate the fact that instead of taking the easy road and hitting up his favorite restaurant, you rolled up your sleeves and cooked him a homemade meal.