It was a crazy year.

And no, we’re not talking about politics.

We’re talking about food.

If you dined at any progressive foodie haven in the past 12 months, you likely faced countless warring trends: either small plates with small portions or huge plates with gargantuan shareable dishes, like whole suckling pigs or porterhouses for four. The ingredients may have been “hyperlocal,” foraged from the garden next to the parking lot, or sourced from far-flung, newly hot places like Israel, Peru, or the Philippines. Even water—the most basic of life’s essentials—changed. Forget flat or sparkling: Last year’s H2O came from coconut, cactus, maple, or birch trees.

Regardless, 2016 still proved to be a banner year for healthy eating. It was the year we kicked up our oatmeal, grass-fed beef became the norm, low-alcohol cocktails shed any lameness, and lots and lots of whole grains were everywhere you looked. And as excited as we are to single out our favorite dishes of the year, we’re equally as psyched to introduce to you the new of foods that are going to make your taste buds explode in 2017.  

So, guys, put your feedbag on. Because it’s time to eat.


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