Zero Sugar Diet is an in-depth eating plan specifically designed to detox your body, bring your hormones into balance, heal your liver, and take away food cravings while delivering rapid weight loss.

Generally speaking, it works by doing one thing very, very effectively: drastically lowering your sugar consumption while boosting your fiber intake at the same time.

Zero Sugar Diet requires lots of whole foods like fruits, vegetables, and whole, unprocessed grains; plenty of lean, healthy, satisfying, sugar-free foods like eggs, turkey, chicken, and fish; and just the right amount of sugar-free fats, like guacamole.

With the dishes here—a sampling of a full day’s worth of food courtesy of Zero Sugar Diet (Ballantine Books)—you’ll replace simple carbs with high-fiber foods and see your belly starting to flatten out within days. You’ll also get ripped and feel more energized.

Are you down? We thought so.