You don't have to eat like a bird to survive football season. You just have to make a few ab friendly swaps, like these from Kate Geagan, M.S., R.D., a Park City, Utah, dietitian and the author of Go Green, Get Lean.

Dump It: Pork bratwurst

Grill It: Turkey bratwurst

Calorie Savings: 200-250/brat

Top it with all the onions and peppers you want, followed by waist-friendly mustard instead of chili or cheese.


Dump It: Shelled peanuts

Eat It: Peanuts in their shells

Calorie Savings: 85 per handful

A recent study shows that men take in about 50% fewer nuts per sitting than with shelled, since it's harder to get at them.


Dump It: Mayo and sour cream

Use It: Nonfat Greek yogurt

Calorie Savings: 655 per half cup

Greek yogurt is packed with protein, is just as tangy and creamy as mayo, and contains far fewer calories and less fat.


Dump It: Queso and French onion dip

Dip It: Salsa

Calorie Savings: 40 per tbsp

Unless you can be satisfied with no more than two tbsp of cheese or dip, cut it from your diet entirely. With salsa plus a baked, high-fiber, or multigrain chip instead, you can indulge virtually guilt-free.


Dump It: 80/20 ground beef

Grill It: Grass-fed bison meat

Calorie Savings: 130

Buffalo burgers are not only leaner, but they're also better for the environment. Bison emit less methane than cows do, and feeding on grass requires fewer fossil fuels than factory-raised meats.


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