Food trucks have been around since 1872, when a smart cowboy cut windows into his covered wagon and the "lunch wagon" was born. But what kind of chow will you find today?

"It's a common misconception that food trucks serve only greasy, unhealthy foods," says Phil Shen, the creator of the blog Behind the Food Carts and author of Food Truck Road Trip: A Cookbook. "A lot of gourmet trucks use fresh ingredients and make dishes to-order from scratch."

A few truck-grub tips: Like meat? Pick lean (white meat chicken, shrimp, fish) over fatty (pork belly, rib eye), says Real Nutrition NYC's Amy Shapiro, MS, RD. Skip fried foods (fries, tortilla chips) and white carbs (noodles, lobster-truck potato rolls). Pick just one dip/sauce (hummus, guacamole, etc.). And cheese? Go light!

Check out a few of these truck-by-truck specifics.