Two Truths and a Lie is a party game where someone whom you've just met reveals three personal facts about themselves, with a twist: One of those "facts" is completely bogus. We're putting a healthy spin on this classic icebreaker to find out how well you can tell nutrition fact from fiction. Check out each trio of "truths" below and see if you can spot the lie.

A. Devouring a pizza late at night is worse than eating one during the day.
B. Eating eggs won't raise your cholesterol.
C. Beer is just as heart-healthy as red wine.

THE TRUTHS: (B) An egg contains 212mg of cholesterol (the daily recommended limit is 300mg), but eggs are also packed with protein and other nutrients; plus, they haven't been shown to raise "bad" cholesterol by much in otherwise healthy guys. (C) Go ahead and pick your poison: Moderate alcohol consumption an reduce heart-disease risk by 25% whether it's two 5-oz glasses of wine or two 12-oz beers.

THE LIE: (A) "There's little to no evidence that eating late at night causes weight gain," says Jim White, R.D., of Jim White Fitness. "It's what you eat, not when you eat it."