The fast food supremacy of the U.S., undisputed since the first McDonald’s opened last century, has been taken down a notch. Even worse, the terrible blow came not from a foreign upstart, but from one of our very own franchises. Pizza Hut U.K. recently released its contender for the most heart-stopping gluttonous fast food offering on either side of the Atlantic—the hot dog stuffed crust pizza. Cramming things into pizza crusts has long been a way to pack more subversive deliciousness into a handheld slice. Pizza Hut U.K., though, has taken it to a new level of culinary delight—a 14-inch pizza with a hot dog baked into the crust, topped with a sinfully tasty mustard drizzle. There’s no official word yet on the nutritional “value” of the new pizza. A slice of plain stuffed crust pizza, though, has 340 calories and 14 grams of fat, and a hot dog has 170 calories and 15 grams of fat, so you can easily see where your cholesterol’s headed on this one. Don’t get your hopes up, America. There will be no British hot dog invasion this time. Pizza Hut has no plans of releasing this new creation in the U.S., not now, not ever. So grab a grease-stained napkin, and mop up your tears. The U.S. may be losing the war of the fast foods, but we still have several other gut-twisting porcine options available. Burger King’s “Bacon Sundae” (test-phase only), Jack in the Box’s Bacon Shake, and the Los Angeles Angels’ deep-fried hot dog and bacon-wrapped hot dog.