At times, it's hard to wrap our protein-obsessed heads around the idea that someone can be meat-free and muscled up.

After all, the vast majority of low-carb, high-protein foods come from, y'know, animals. But between movies like What The Health (which argues that we're slowly killing ourselves by loading up on chicken, eggs, and steak) and studies delivering the news that vegetarian athletes may actually perform better than meat-eaters, it may be time to start considering whether we really have to choose between meat and muscles.

Because according to a growing number of vegan athletes, you definitely don’t.

We talked to seven guys whose livelihood literally depends on being fit AF—including an NFL player, a pro wrestler, an NBA baller, and top personal trainer Joe Holder (that's him above)—yet who eat totally animal-free.

Here’s what a day in a vegan diet looks like for the ultra-jacked.