As athletes go, baseball players aren't exactly known for fitness.

For decades, the sport's poster boy was Babe Ruth, a man famous for eating whatever he wanted, chasing whomever he wanted (sometimes naked, through a train), and having the relative build of Santa Claus. (Oh, and then inspiring the creation of a candy bar too.)

But hey: Baseball isn’t bowling, you know? For every heavyweight like John Kruk or CC Sabathia, there’s a physical specimen like Ozzie Smith or Manny Machado.

So despite its reputation, the sport favors the fast, strong, flexible and resilient, especially in the modern game. Plus, if you’re addicted to the weight room in the offseason, you have an even better chance of standing up to the sport’s brutal 162-game schedule through the blistering heat of July and August (even if you are being shuttled around on private jets and being paid ridiculous amounts of money to do so).

Here’s our look at the 10 fittest athletes in the history of the sport. And no, sorry, Prince Fielder didn't make the cut either.