LeBron James caused a miniature ruckus on the internet this week when he posted a picture of a slimmer – well, sort of skinny-looking – version of himself on his Instagram page. Apparently King James has banished carbs from his diet, as reported by ESPN’s Brian Windhorst.

James was listed at 6'8" and 250 pounds last season and the word is that the new carb-less diet trimmed 15 to 20 pounds from his frame. Some have hypothesized that James, 30, is focusing on his health and cutting some weight could make the game easier on his body. It could also be that he wants to be in his best shape when he returns to the Cleveland Cavaliers, a team clearly looking to make a run at an NBA title this season, with rumors swirling that the Cavs will trade for Kevin Love once the league’s trade moratorium is lifted at the end of August.


For the record, LeBron posted another photo with new (and former) teammate Mike Miller on his page on Tuesday. He still looks pretty monstrous to us.