There’s nothing like rocking a new pair of footwear to school or the office—you get that confident bounce in your step when you know you’re wearing a cool pair of kicks.

Guess what?

NFL players feel the exact same way.

Even though the league has strict rules about what cleats players can wear in games, players have found a loophole by wearing custom-made cleats in warmups—and then switching to their official gear before the starting whistle. Some just don't give a damn, wear them through the game, and then pay for it (literally) afterwards.

Whether they're honoring a national holiday, marking special event, paying homage to a sports legend, or just repping a cool design, players like Odell Beckham Jr., Cam Newton, and Antonio Brown have taken full advantage of the latest trend among the NFL's fashion elite. The colors and designs vary wildly, but one trend is the same throughout—it's a boss move.

Here is a look at the coolest custom-designed cleats in the NFL.