Indianapolis Colts star Andrew Luck plays like an All-Pro quarterback—and that’s because he eats like one.

The former Stanford star trains hard in the gym to be successful on the field, but off of it he has the same intensity when it comes to his diet and nutrition (which he detailed in an interview with Men's Fitness.) With his scruffy beard and 6’4”, 240-pound frame, Luck resembles a lumberjack in his football uniform, but he packs his body with what he needs to stay muscular, agile, and in shape. The Colts quarterback uses BodyArmor sports drinks when he trains, and he says it helps him get the nutrients he needs to stay strong after expending so much energy.

Luck says that he makes sure to get in a big breakfast every morning—a mix of eggs, oatmeal, yogurt, and potatoes does the trick—and he fuels up later in the day with a dose of protein, including favorites like chicken, steak, and fish. Luck says that the big breakfast is essential to getting through his workouts and practices: “Eating right helps you on the field and it’s huge for me in the gym too,” he says. 

Here is a look at some of the foods that Luck relies on to fuel his NFL success.