Wow, those games. All were exciting and went down to the wire—well, three out of four ain’t bad—and epitomize why we watch each week. Glorious, wonderful football.

The crème de la crème came in the final contest of the weekend, when the Vikings and Saints battled before Case Keenum and Stefon Diggs warmed our hearts with one of the most exciting plays (which is certainly up for debate) in postseason history. Just watch it, and if you’ve already watched it ad nauseam, watch it from a different angle.

Our sentiments watching it very closely resembled how Diggs felt catching it. We clapped along, which is a different reaction than that of certain other people.

All the games, not including the Patriots/Titans landslide, were incredible and had us glued to the TV. This is/was truly a postseason to remember, and that beautiful display of football now gives way to the best weekend of the season in our opinions: NFL Championship Weekend. The penultimate meaningful weekend of the season and the culmination of 17-plus weeks of battling for the chance to play on sports’ biggest stage.

So join us as we recap the madness and preview what’s on the horizon as the NFL season winds down.

Kahleel Bragg contributed photo research to this story.