If that were the last football game we could watch for the next seven months, we'd be okay with it.

Super Bowl LII between the New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles saw the most total combined yards ever, in any professional football game, and the Patriots’ 33 points were the most ever scored by a losing team in Super Bowl history. Wow.

Not only were we treated to league MVP Tom Brady crying tears of unfathomable sadness—you’d cry too if you threw for more than 500 yards with three touchdowns and no interceptions and still lost—we were treated to an incredible game that capped off an exciting season (for everyone but Giants fans).

Once discarded by the Eagles, Nick Foles—tasked with replacing injured starting Philly QB and MVP candidate Carson Wentz—continued his recent string of dominance, and led the team to its first-ever Super Bowl title (it was met with grace and aplomb all around). Indeed, over the past two weeks, Foles graded higher than any single game Wentz has had in his career.

It wasn’t just Foles, though. The Philly defense may have surrendered plenty of yards, but they got in plenty of big hits. And when the game was on the line in the fourth quarter, the Iggles stonewalled the vaunted Patriots offense, and allowed exactly zero points in the final two minutes of any game all year.

Now, the NFC East is the only division in the NFL in which all teams have won a Super Bowl.

If there's any consolation for this Giants fan, it's this: The Eagles may be Super Bowl champs, but they now have to pick last in the draft. Until then: Cheesesteaks for everyone.

Kahleel Bragg contributed photo research to this story.