With the playoffs here, getting your fantasy lineups set right is a primary concern.

It’s easy to let your DraftKings FLEX spot be left up to the amount of salary remaining after you fill out the rest of the squad. That’s the ‘flex-by-default’ strategy. The purpose of this Week 16 DraftKings DFS article is to help you avoid it. You can and should use the FLEX spot to strengthen and diversify your daily league lineups for Week 16 of the NFL season.

A couple of thoughts: 1) You don’t have to spend all the salary cap. A better player in a better situation may force you to leave a few hundred salary cap dollars on the table. Force yourself to roster the best lineup, even if it fails to use the whole cap. 2) We like to use players for which we can build a case based on multiple pieces of evidence. We look at things like opportunities, efficiency, opponent and game flow to start our research. We want as many players that are positive in all categories as we can fit. Having an idea of the players we want before we work with salaries helps us with #1 too.

Use this list as your flex cheat sheet; if a player is on here, there’s good reason to roster him in your last spot. We assume that you have $6,500 or less to work with for this final spot on the roster. We also assume you’ll arrange accordingly so that the player with the latest game start is in the flex in case you should need to swap someone out.

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