For two-time British Open champion Greg Norman, age is just a number.

Getting older hasn’t stopped “The Shark” from staying in shape, and he might be even fitter now than he was when he was ranked No.1 on the PGA Tour.

“I keep healthy and fit and strong because it's good for my body and my mind,” Norman told Men’s Fitness. “I do feel stronger and better today than when I played golf. If I miss two days of working out because of travel, I can definitely feel a difference in my body.”

Norman works out at least five days per week, and he’s a fan of showing off some of those workouts (and his six-pack) on his Instagram page. But Norman doesn’t just stay in the gym when he wants to get in some exercise—he’s a big fan of taking things outdoors by going on hikes, doing watersports, riding bikes, and, occasionally, playing golf.

“The Shark” got some major attention on social media in May 2017 when he showed off a workout while on crutches with a leg injury. (Norman still got in his leg raises, despite the boot on his leg.)

Norman is as fit a 62-year-old as you’ll find. Here are his most shredded, ageless posts from his social media.