"Well F--- You Too, Then': Outspoken UFC fighter Conor McGregor finally opened up about his "publicized civil war" (his words) with UFC over publicity for his now-scrapped rematch against Nate Diaz, saying that his relationship with UFC is "good" but largely sticking to his early position in a wide-ranging interview with ESPN. "All said and done, there were times (I thought), 'I should have just jumped on the damn flight'" to Las Vegas for UFC 200 promotion, McGregor said in an interview with reporter Brett Okamoto. "But sometimes you've got to do what's right for you and not what's right for everybody else—especially if you've done what's right for everyone else a million times over.

"I wanted to isolate, focus, get that win back. That's all I gave a f--- about, because essentially all the other s--- means nothing. If I lose again, then this whole ship comes down. I'm the one carrying the ship. This whole thing goes down if I'm gone." [ESPN]

Tom Brady vs. the NFL: The embattled Patriots quarterback intends to appeal his four-game suspension over the Deflategate controversy, even after the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals handed down its ruling in the case, NFL Players Association attorney Theodore B. Olson told ABC News.

Mind Your Veggies: A massive outbreak of listeria bacteria in frozen foods at a plant in Washington has prompted a huge recall of more than 350 frozen foods—including carrots, onions, peaches and strawberries, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. [The New York Times]

Blowout in the Bronx: The New York Red Bulls utterly demolished the star-studded New York City Football Club on Saturday, 7–0, in one of the most lopsided wins in an already lopsided rivalry. [New York Post]


Zone Defense: Major League Baseball reportedly set to shrink the strike zone and do away with the old-fashioned intentional walk, and could make the rule changes as early as the 2017 season, sources told ESPN's Jayson Stark. The bottom boundary of the strike zone is the "hollow beneath the [batter's] kneecap," but umpires have been calling strikes somewhat lower—hence the rule change. Meanwhile, the intentional walk rule means teams could simply signal that they'll intentionally walk a batter, rather than having a pitcher lob four pitches far outside the strike zone as always. [ESPN]

Is It Shark Week Yet?: No, not yet. But check out this drone footage of a feeding frenzy as tiger sharks devoured chunks of a whale carcass in Western Australia's aptly named Shark Bay.

Her Hair Is as Famous as She Is: If you're a running fan, you'll enjoy this profile of superstar track athlete / presumptive Olympian / multitalented scribe Alexi Pappas, who has inspired legions of fans with her idiosyncratic worldview and iconic hairstyle. [The New York Times]

Guess What His Snapchat Name Is?: Now that he's mastered Instagram and most of Hollywood, Dwayne Johnson is taking his talents to Snapchat (@ THEROCK) where he continues his everyday pastime of making fun of Kevin Hart.