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Watch: Kyle and Samantha Busch talk NASCAR, nutrition, and staying in peak shape

The former NASCAR champ reveals the grueling physical routine and diet you need to race at the highest level.

If you've ever followed NASCAR, chances are you have an opinion on Kyle Busch. The 32-year old professional driver has been in the NASCAR circuit for nearly 15 years, having won dozens of competitions in the process, including the 2015 Sprint Club Series.

Kyle's wife, Samantha, has always been a constant supporter of her husband's NASCAR career. The two have a child, Brexton, who was born in 2015.

Men's Fitness' own Rose McNulty had the chance to sit down with Kyle and Samantha to discuss the physical demands of professional driving, their diet, and—of course—the importance of strengthening your glutes.

Busch will be participating in the 60th annual Daytona 500, which airs at 2:30 EST on February 18, 2018 on FOX.